Ten thoughts V.

Sometimes I lie awake at night saying to myself, what if they’re right? What if I am an abomination… A monster…

Every time i see a pretty girl, an intense feeling of jealousy overwhelms me and I really just can't keep my tears

I know that I'm transgender because my brain knows it's female, and my body disagrees.

I wish I could just stop talking so that I don't have to hear my voice ever again.

Just because I want to change my body, I'm not changing my mind, I will still be me when I'm done... I'll just be much happier.

I really don’t like anal, just the thought of it is disgusting. But thinking I'm open to it because it makes me feel more like a girl. Guess it's a bit like like wearing a bra, don't need it, but i do, 'couse of how it makes me feel

I love sleeping. Because sometimes in my dreams there is no dysphoria. In my dreams I can be myself. Just wish I could sleep

Every time someone tells me “but you look so handsome in that” I'm dying inside.

It’s not right for a anyone to fear rejection by his/her/their family just because of gender identification.

Transgender people live in this dysphoria everywhere but their shadowed minds.